TivatTivat is located on the coast in Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor. The town is located in the heart of the smallest municipality in Montenegro by area. The town is the youngest in the region but archeology has shown that the area in general has had inhabitants since prehistoric eras. Some locations show evidence of Greek and Roman settlements and various tombs date back to the Roman periods.

During the Middle Ages, Tivat was divided in land area among aristocrats from Dobrota, Cattaro and Prcanj. Castles and estates dotted the lands and the Church of St. Anton stood as well. The Church itself was built in 1373. Property belonging to the Buca family houses the galleries and museums of Tivat today.

Tivat was historically under rule of the Republic of Venice and from 1420 until 1797 was part of Albania Veneta. During those times the town offered economic development and attracted Serbs from neighboring areas held under Ottoman rule. There are a variety of Venetian buildings still standing in many town areas today.

During the second part of the 19th century, Tivat saw maritime arsenals being built by the Austrian Empire. During the early months of 1918, Tivat Bay sailors began a revolution against the Austrian Empire and people from neighboring areas followed in the revolution. Between World Wars I and II, syndicate activity marked the area and Tivat was part of the Italian Government of Dalmatia from 1941 until 1943.

The geographic location along with natural sights and tropical climate make Tivat a very popular tourist destination. There are fewer than 15,000 total inhabitants in the town and it is located just 10 miles or so from Kotor. The area is comprised of three different regions. There are hills and peaks along with a coastal area and various islands. Krtoli offers the Island of Flowers, Lady of Mercy and St Marco islands. Already very thriving with tourism, the region is expected to become the nautical tourism center for the southern Adriatic region.

Although the youngest of towns in the Boka region, the city of Tivat does offer many interesting attractions. The Renaissance Summer House of Buca lies in the center of the city. Flowers Island offers a number of ancient monuments and the beaches surrounding the area are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Cultural events are held in Tivat annually and thousands of visitors flock to the area for the Summer Fest and Bocce Olympiad. Botanic gardens are also major tourist attractions. The gardens were planted with exotic trees and ornamental plants from the voyages of Bokan sailors.

The Adriatic Highway connects Tivat with the remaining regions of Montenegro. visitors can reach the inland areas by detouring from the Highway at Sutomore or at Budva. Ferries operate to the islands and the Tivat Airport is located less than 2 miles from the town’s center. Tivat Airport is the largest in Montenegro and offers flights to and from Belgrade on a regular basis.

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