Skadar Lake Tour

skadarsko-JezeroWhen visiting Montenegro, a tour of Skadar Lake is simply a must. If you want to view some of the most historic treasures that the region has to offer, this tour is the perfect choice. On your tour of Lake Skadar, we will drive you by the coastline and visit towns like Budva, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Milocer. After going through the Sozina Tunnel, we will stop first at Virpazar. This is a quaint, old town that has a beautiful abandoned castle over the city. You can hike up to this castle and take amazing photos of the lake as well as the mountains surrounding the area.

Our tour takes you on the perfect route to see a panorama view of Lake Skadar. You can take a boat tour out on the lake if you want and these tours are relatively inexpensive. Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula and has been named as a National Park. It was nominated for UNESCO heritage status in 2011. It was in the Lake Skadar region that royal families over the centuries chose to spend their summer months. Some of the region’s finest cuisine and wines are found here as well.

Skadar RiverAfter our stop in Virpazar, we will drive the old road to Rijeka Crnojevica on the River of Crnojevichi. The road winds through the mountains, giving you an extended view of the lake from many different angles and you can stop at any time to take photographs of the landscape. During your time in Rijeka Crnojevica, near the coastline of Skadar Lake, you will have the opportunity to view a small historic town that has only a couple of hundred inhabitants. The area surrounding the town offers spectacular views and the ancient trade route can still be seen in many places. There is an old bridge that still stands which was used during the ancient trade route years and abandoned fortresses on the outskirts of the small town. You can break here for coffee or lunch if you wish. The town is well-known for its culinary specialty. Stari Most Restaurant offers some of the finest dining in Montenegro and is quite famous for its local cuisine which includes eel, trout and carp that is prepared in many different ways.

After your stop in Rijeka Crnojevica, you will slowly proceed to Cetinje. This is a small town that offers historical value. Founded during the 15th century, Cetinje offers wonderful historic sights and many photo opportunities. Upon leaving Cetinje, you will continue on the old road past Njegusi which is a quaint village that has been perfectly preserved over the centuries and offers traditional folk architecture. Local forms of prosciutto and cheeses known as Njeguski prsut and Njeguski sir are created solely in Njegusi. After this your tour will head back to Kotor. This amazing 7 hour experience is only 170e and allows you to view many historic regions of Montenegro, allowing you to stop at any time you like for rest or pictures of the wonderful landscapes.

Lake Skadar Chauffeur Driven Tour


Duration: 7 Hours
Pickup: Kotor
Price per car: 210E
Persons: 4 Maximum

Areas of Interest:

  • Budva
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Petrovac
  • Milocer
  • Virpazar
  • Rijeka Crnojevica
  • Cetinje
  • Njegusi

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