Porto Montenegro

porto-montenegroPorto Montenegro is located in Tivat. This luxury yacht marina has a vast history and is now one of the most popular yacht destinations in the world. The construction site on the adjacent waterway was once a naval shipyard. Arsenal became completely unused after the Yugoslav Wars when the SFR Yugoslav Navy began to decline. The lot was offered for development in 2006 when Peter Munk from Canada purchased it. Munk owns more than 50 percent of the company along with other investors.

The waterfront community is targeted toward luxury yacht owners and sitting amidst the Bay of Cotor, it is close to the Tivat Airport which makes it a very favorable spot for a marina. The Port is the first of its kind in the Adriatic. It will offer more than 600 berths, all of different sizes and no less than 130 spots reserved for yachts that are longer than 30 meters. A full service community, the Port offers a number of sports and entertainment shops as well as restaurants, luxury apartments and various shopping opporutnities for visitors.

The Port opened in 2009 with 85 berths and expansion has been completed to now allow for 185 berths. Various other amenities such as duty and tax-free fueling as well as Port of Entry status are also available. Yacht Assist from Porto Montenegro offers many services to yacht crews and captains including electricity, laundry facilities, wireless internet service, water disposal, sports clubs, a multi-lingual staff and around the clock security.

Porto Montenegro provides many waterfront homes and landscaping. Teuta, its introductory residential area, offers 29 different homes with mountain and sea views. Teuta was named for Illyrian queen Teuta who reigned in the region from 231 BC until 227 BC. Ozana is an apartment complex on the waterfront that was named for a 15th century shepherdess who was eventually venerated as a saint. This property development offers 23 studios with other 1 to 3 bedroom homes that feature amenities like elevated courtyards, pools and landscaped garden areas.

Zeta provides many 1 to 2 bedroom homes as well as 22 studios and offers a pool on the rooftop as well as various shops, restaurants, bakeries and a hair salon and spa on the ground floor. Name from the Montenegro queen who gained independence during her rule, Milena provides three duplexes as well as many studios and 1 to 3 bedroom residences. The building also offers a splendid cascading waterfall.

Finally, named for the Tara River Canyon, Tara is located directly on Venice Square and offers duplex penthouses with private pools on the rooftops as well as many 1 to 4 bedroom apartments. Views to Porto Montenegro marina can be seen from both sides of this development.

Porto Montenegro also provides a Naval Heritage Collection which shows more than 300 artifacts from the region. Yugoslavian submarines, the diaries of Princess Xenia and various other historical and cultural items can be views, showing the history and the culture of the region through many centuries.

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