petrovacPetrovac lies on the coast of Montenegro, between Bar and Budva. It boasts a sandy beach, Petrovac City Beach, that is more than 600 meters long, and the city is very popular to tourists. It is viewed as a calm vacation destination for many, as opposed to outside towns of Sutomore and Budva.

Petrovac began its history during the early Roman times. During that time, small villas were built at Krš Medinski. Remnants of the villas and baths were located behind St Ilija’s church.

In later years, a Slav village was built, which was mentioned in the Chronicles of the Priest of Duklja. A Venetian fortress, built during the 16th century, can be found at the end of the bay on the northern side of Petrovac. The village was claimed to have been built to discourage pirates from entering the northern bay.

Petrovac’s name was originally Kaštel Lastva. During the early 1900’s however, the area was renamed after King Peter I Karađorđević. During that time, Petrovac had only around 300 local inhabitants.

Between WWI and WWII, Petrovac became very popular as a vacation destination for the wealthy. Today, there are a number of tourists every year, most taking advantage of the beaches. Although there is avid tourism in Petrovac, the area is nowhere near as overcrowded during tourism peaks as Budva.

Those visiting Petrovac will find the beaches to be its main attraction. Hotels, restaurants and a night club are also available, and there is access to neighboring beaches at Buljarica and Luchice.

Buljarica Beach sits just 2 kilometers from Petrovac and offers more than 2400 meters of coastline. Many enjoy walking to the beach from Luchice, while others take advantage of the many caravan parks and resorts in this area.

Luchice is in the vicinity of Bar, just 500 meters from Petrovac. In the shape of a bay, this 220 meter long beach offers an array of cafes and bars. For families, there is even a waterslide at the end of the beach, as well as shopping and other amenities.

Though Petrovac is small in comparison to other resort towns in Montenegro, there is a football club, which plays in Montenegro’s First League.

Over the years, Petrovac has grown both in size and in stature. Casino Royale, the 21st film in the James Bond series, was filmed on location on Petrovac. While there is little seen of the town itself, the casino and outdoor café can be seen and tourists can view those structures when they visit Petrovac. A portion of Brothers Bloom was also filmed in Petrovac, and the beautiful surrounding scenery has been used often in music videos from local and regional artists.

Petrovac is surrounded by beautiful beaches on one side and hillsides of flowers, and forests on the other. The resort offers pebble and sand beaches and many shops, restaurants, and other activities. Tourists can take advantage of the quiet, pristine beaches, visit the local shops, or spend the time visiting outlying areas and mountainsides.

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