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ostrogEven if you are not terribly religious, you are certain to enjoy a tour of Ostrog Monastery. Amazing things have been known to happen here. On your tour to the Monastery, you will begin the 8 hour journey by passing through Risan. Risan is a small port town with only a couple of thousand inhabitants. Logs from the virgin forests in the Bijela Gora are exported to Italy today and this tourist destination offers beautiful beaches.

From Risan, you will travel up to the majestic Dinara Mountains and pass Lake Slansko as well as the more shallow Karstic Lake with its many small islands. Your tour will then lead you to Niksic which is the second largest city in Montenegro after Podgorica. In Niksic, one of the most popular beers in the region is brewed, Niksicko beer is a local favorite. There are a few sites to see from here but the most exciting is the Ostrog Monastery. For your 110km tour, you can experience much of Montenegro’s culture and its vast landscapes and natural beauty.

Ostrog MonasteryOn to Ostrog Monastery where you will certainly enjoy your stay. The Monastery sits on the mountainside between Podgorica and Niksic and is 900 meters above ground. There is an amazing view from the Monastery of the Bielopavlici Plains. Ostrog Monastery is a major tourist attraction that is visited by thousands every year. The body of St. Basil himself is entombed in the Monastery and legend says that his remains offer healing powers to all who visit him.

St. Basil had the monastery extended so that it now encompasses the Ostrog Cliffs. The church is built into the first cave of these cliffs. The Monastery today serves as a pilgrimage for those of all faiths. Many travel here and climb to the Monastery simply for the religious experience alone. Many have told stories of miraculous healings after visiting here.

After spending time at the Monastery, we will come back to Kotor on a route that runs through Danilovgrad as well as Podgorica, Cetinje and Budva. This route allows you to see much of Montenegro and all of the beauty of the region. Many of the towns offer wonderful restaurants and cafes where you can stop for a cup of delicious coffee or have lunch in one of the local restaurants that will prepare you authentic cuisine.

The price for the tour from Kotor is just 190e. This includes allowing for as many stops as you wish, giving you plenty of time to take photographs or enjoy the quaint towns and their amenities. This also includes 2 full hours of time to visit the Ostrog Monastery and see everything that this historic attraction has to offer. You will certainly enjoy your time on this lengthy tour and you will have the opportunity to view many small villages and get an idea of the history of this region. Ancient architecture abounds as well as vast wildlife, landscapes and lovely old towns on your tour to Ostrog Monastery.

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Duration: 8 Hours
Pickup: Kotor
Price per car: 240E
Persons: 4 Maximum

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