Lustica Tour


On your 3 hour Lustica tour you will begin on the curvy roads of the Lustica peninsula. This peninsula is located directly alongside the Adriatic Sea which gives you a very scenic route. Situated on the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, Lustica offers cultural heritage and many small farms and businesses that produce their own prosciutto, cheese and wine all from local ingredients. Lustica offers wonderful architecture that is perfect for your photographs or you can enjoy some of the local cuisine, wines or cheese. There are many things to see and do on your Lustica tour and you are certain to fully enjoy yourself. You can choose to relax on the lovely beaches for a bit or simply take in the sights. This region offers some of the most impressive beaches in the world along with historic architecture and various other sights. Be sure that you bring along a camera so that you can capture pictures to remember your tour for years to come.

lustica-bayFrom Lustica, your tour will take you to Krasici which is a very small area that offers splendid views of the surrounding region. Once above Krasici you will have a magnificent view of Tivat Bay. You can view beautiful ancient stone houses on the road from Tivat Bay to Rose. After reaching Rose, a beautiful hidden beach, you will be able to view Prevlaka and Herceg Novi. Herceg Novi was once part of the Albanian Veneta of the Venice Republic. It is one of the youngest of the Adriatic settlements but has a rich and diverse history. The town now offers a varying blend of different cultures and architecture from various different cultures as well. You can take time for photographs of this historic region or simply prepare yourself to view some of the most beautiful beaches with the clearest water in the world.

After leaving Rose, you will travel on to Zanjice. Zanjice is a beautiful beach that is literally covered with small white pebbles. It is a rather large beach as well and is surrounded by olive groves and clear water. You can enjoy the shade from the olive trees or simply visit the beach to enjoy the best of Montenegrin coastline. The area around this region was once isolated and overrun with populations of uncultivated olive trees as well as various wildlife such as jackals, mongoose and wild boar.

From here, you will be traveling back to the beautiful Adriatic shoreline and through Radovici to reach the road to Kotor. The short tour is available for just 60e and you will have many opportunities to take wonderful photographs at any time you like. You will have many opportunities to view the lovely Adriatic shoreline along this tour and although only 3 hours in length, you are certain to see many sights along the way. Enjoy the rich cultural history of the region or simply relax on your ride and view the seaside. Lustica tours are perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing and scenic tour.

Lustica Chauffeur Driven Tour


Duration: 3 Hours
Pickup: Kotor
Price per car: 100E
Persons: 4 Maximum

Areas of Interest:

  • Krasici
  • Rose Beach
  • Zanjice

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