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The Lovcen region is alive with beautiful countryside, architecture and mountains. Atop the Lovcen Mountain you will find two different peaks. These are called Stirovnik and Jezerski vrh. While the slopes up the mountainside are rocky, they offer a beautiful view from atop the mountain as well as from the land below it.

A tour of Lovcen and the surrounding area takes you high above Boka Bay and onto the beautiful and majestic Lovcen Mountain. The highest peak of the mountain, Stirovnik, holds the gravesite of one of the most notable men in Montenegrin history. Great poet and ruler Petar II Petrovic Njegos is buried in the Mausoleum that sits right on top of the mountain.

Njegos’ wish was to be buried on the mountain peak because it sits so high in the sky that he could view all of the Serbian lands while he slept for eternity. He chose this peak because it sits so high in the sky that he felt as if he could reach out and touch the stars at night. 461 steps are carved into the side of the mountain for the climb to the Mausoleum and many choose to visit here each year and hike to the mountain’s top.

The Lovcen National Park is also located here with an adventure park on Ivanova Korita. The highest peak of the mountain is located inside the National park and the area covers more than 60km. It was proclaimed as a National Park in 1952 due to the heritage of the region and the wondrous wildlife that can be found here. This is the perfect spot for those who enjoy walking and hiking. From here, you will travel down to Njegusi, a quaint little town that seems perfectly preserved. You will feel as if you have stepped back in time when you view the streets and structures of this historic village. Njegusi is the most famous town in Montenegro for prosciutto and cheese and the local forms are made here solely from locally produced ingredients.

The mountain sits just 30 minutes from Kotor by car and climbing the mountain gives you a splendid view of Kotor and Tivat Bay as well as the Adriatic Sea. Lovcen Mountain itself is home to hundreds of wildlife species and more than 1200 different species of plants. You can spend the entire day simply gazing at the beautiful landscape below or walk around the mountainside and get a good look at the natural wonder that sits atop it.

Whether you plan to tour Lovcen to hike up the mountain or you simply want to relax in the splendor of this lovely area and enjoy the quaint little villages, this 3 hour tour is a wonderful way to spend the morning or afternoon. We provide you with a comfortable ride to Lovcen from Kotor with as many stops as you wish to make so you can take pictures of all of the beauty that abounds in this region, and all for just 70E.

Lovcen Chauffeur Driven Tour


Duration: 3 Hours
Pickup: Kotor
Price per car: 100E
Persons: 4 Maximum

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