Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park lies in northwestern Monenegro, and covers the entire Durmitor mountain range, as well as a narrow area along the Tara River. The highest peak in the park, Bobotov Kuk, stands at just over 2,500 meters.

Žabljak, a small village, is the only town within the park’s boundaries and serves as the main tourist hub for the area. The park itself was created in 1952, and covers 390 kilometers, including Durmitor, the Tara Canyon, and the Draga and Susica Rivers, as well as the plateau of Komarnica.

The village at the entrance of the park hosts a post office and bank, as well as a supermarket and a handful of restaurants and hotels. Tourists can stay in Žabljak, where all amenities are available, or seek accommodations in one of the outlying towns or villages nearby.

On the northern side of the park lies the Tara River Canyon, with the Piva River Canyon to the west, and the Komarnica River Canyon on the southern side. Durmitor plateau lies to the east, giving visitors a range of landscapes and areas to explore.

Durmitor National Park was accepted into UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1980. The park was originally formed by glaciers and hosts a number of rivers as well as underground streams. The Tara River Canyon offers the deepest gorges in all of Europe, along with pine forests, clear lakes, and various types of flora. Flora is celebrated during Mountain Flowers Day, which is a festival held in mid-July each year.

48 peaks in all make up the Durmitor, making it a very popular tourist attraction from December to Mid-March, when tourists enjoy skiing at the major ski resort nearby. During summer months, river rafting and hiking are at the top of visitor’s to-do lists. The 18 glacial lakes, including Crno Lake, are also a popular place for tourists and locals alike to visit.

Those searching for wildlife are sure to find their fill in the park, which is home to more than 160 different species of birds, and more than 50 various mammals. Butterflies are abundant as well. Thick forests provide protection for the wildlife and sightseeing opportunities for visitors, with some trees standing at more than 50 meters high.

During the warmer months, cattle and sheep can be seen grazing on the lands in the nearby village. The mountain plateaus offer numerous trails that can serve as camping grounds with shelters available.

Durmitor National Park is a relatively remote area, being accessible only by automobile or bus. The park sits about 3 hours or so from Podgorica, and visitors often travel by tour bus from outlying areas to spend the day or to camp in the wilderness of the area during the warmer months. Accommodations are available to those who would rather spend several days in the park, by way of Žabljak, where all the amenities of home can often be found, complete with room and board. Day activities are available most months, depending on the weather at the time.

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