Chauffeur Driven Tours

Montenegro is a destination for many who choose a vacation that offers beautiful coastlines, ancient medieval towns and quaint villages. Mountains, architecture and cultural sights are just a few of the reasons visitors choose to frequent this region. English and Serbian speaking chauffer tours are available to really allow you to experience the countryside.

Chauffer tours offer scenic routes to virtually anywhere in Montenegro you want to visit. Whether you are planning a religious trek to Ostrog Monastery or you simply want to enjoy the amenities of one of the areas resorts, you can book a tour with your own guide who will be very knowledgeable of the area and what sights are commonly visited. Tours typically have a maximum 4 person capacity and your guide can suggest many attractions as well as the best places to enjoy Montenegrin cuisine, where to shop and other activities that are perfect for your visit. Custom tailor made tours are available as well so if you have a mind of what you want to see and do, you can create your own custom tour that will allow you to experience Montenegro the way you want.

Cattaro Tour also offers airport and port transfers from Podgorica and Tivat Airports as well as from Bar Harbour. Our tours can take you to Kotor where you can view the winding streets and 12th century cathedral or to any of the beautiful beaches located all around the region. Stop and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Lake Skadar where ruined monasteries give home to the regions herons, seagulls and pelicans or simply take a tour of the regions quaint sailor towns and villages.

No matter where you choose to visit during your stay in Montenegro, a chauffeur tour will ensure that you have access to various attractions as well as restaurants, shopping and your hotel. Your guide will have the knowledge needed to ensure that you get where you want to go and can suggest places of interest if you are unsure of where to begin your tour. Chauffer tours offer an inexpensive way to enjoy Montenegro and ensure that you do not miss anything on your visit.

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