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Airport Transfers

Visiting Montenegro gives you the opportunity to see and do many exciting things. When you first land, you will need transportation to your hotel and other areas that you may wish to visit upon your arrival. We provide airport transfer in Montenegro that takes just a moment to book and will get you to and from the airport as needed.

Montenegro has 2 international airports at Tivat and Podgorica. We provide airport transfers to and from Tivat airport as well as roundtrip transfers to Podgorica airport. Dubrovnik airport is located in close proximity to Montenegro in the Republic of Croatia. It sits just 16 km from the Montenegrin border. Should you need to get to the Dubrovnik airport, we offer one-way transfer there as well.

Tivat Airport offers a number of international flights and is located just 20 km from the center of Budva and just 10 km from Kotor. The airport provides daily flight schedules to Belgrade as well as many charter flights to various regions in Europe and other locations around the world. We can provide you with round trip transfer to and from Tivat airport as needed.

Podgorica Airport sits just 11 km from Montenegro’s capital. The airport provides daily flights to Belgrade as well as other destinations around the world and charter flights during the summer months. We offer round trip transfers to and from Podgorica Airport to get you wherever you need to go.

Dubrovnik Airport is located just 25 km from the center of Herceg Novi and offers a number of flight destinations. If you are visiting Montenegro and you need to catch a flight at Dubrovnik airport, we offer one-way transfers into the airport.

Taxi Services

Visiting Montenegro and travelling within the country by car is a popular choice for many vacation goers. Those planning a trip to the region will find that there are many things to see and do within Montenegro. If you are planning a visit to Kotor Bay, Tivat, Cetinje, Podgorica or any other destination in the region, our taxi service can get you where you want to go.

We offer transport to anywhere within Montenegro so whether you plan to laze on one of the beautiful beaches along the Adriatic coastline or you simply want to view the ancient architecture of the area, we can provide you with transportation to wherever it is you are going.

We offer one-way services to Dubrovnik Airport as well for those who are looking to catch a flight. No matter where you are planning to visit in Montenegro, we can get you there. Our taxi service offers comfortable and affordable transportation to any Montenegro destination.

Dubrovnik Airport

dubrovnik-airportDubrovnik Airport is a small international airport that has one terminal and one runway. The airport offers a wide range of services including buses and taxis that are available to take travelers to many different Montenegrin destinations. The airport is often referred to as the Cilipi Airport by locals and sits about 9.5 miles from the center of Dubrovnik. It is the second largest in Croatia with regards to the number of passengers that visit each year and the runway length.

The airport first opened in 1962. The city however was served by Gruda Airfield up to that time which was opened in 1936 for commercial traffic. During that period, the airport was used only during the summer. In 1987, there were nearly 1,000 visitors to Dubrovnik Airport on international flights as well as more than 500 for domestic flights. When Yugoslavia disassembled, the airport passed its 1 million passenger mark.

The airport today offers one of the most modernized passenger terminals in the region. A new terminal was constructed to completely replace the building that was constructed in 1962. The new terminal, open in 2010, offers more than 13 meters of space and has the capacity to offer services to more than two million passengers every year.

The new terminal is expected to be completed within the next year or two and will offer more than 36,000 square meters of space along with four jet bridges. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle more than 3 million passengers each year. Once completed, this terminal will be the largest in the country and future plans include a commercial zone, a four-star hotel and additional runway space and a taxiway.

Visitors will find many services available at the airport sales desk including transfers to and from the old town of Dubrovnik, car rentals, ferry tickets and other services. Those traveling to the airport by car can reach it in about 24 minutes from Dubrovnik by taking the E65 motorway.

A taxi service is located just outside of the terminal building and many taxis are available for transportation all over the region. Bus services are also available although limited. Some buses run to Cavat which is located just 3 miles outside of Dubrovnik and there are connecting buses that run to Dubrovnik as well. Shuttle buses leave the airport for Dubrovnik regularly after each flight.

Today, the airport is the third busiest in all of Croatia and offers flights to a number of domestic and international locations around Europe. The airport is best known for the holiday and charter flights that it offers. Summer flights are very popular in and out of the region with visitors taking vacation in the many outlying areas.

The city of Dubrovnik lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the coast. Those entering the region through flights to the airport will have splendid view of the sea as they grow closer to the city.

Podgorica Airport

Podgorica Airport is located just over 6 miles from Podgorica. This international airport offers a number of flights to and from the area every day. Daily flights are scheduled to many different European destinations and during the summer months there are various charter flights offered to major cities all over the world. Flights to the Belgrade Airport were originally the majority of traffic coming in and out of Podgorica Airport but today, there are flights to and from many different destinations.

Built in 1961, the airport has provided services to civil aviation as well as the Yugoslav Air Force throughout its history. Along with the Tivat Airport, the Podgorica Airport is owned by the government of Montenegro. Changes to the airport facilities took place in 2006 with major renovations and extensions to the airfield lighting system, taxiway system and the power supply. New passenger terminals were constructed during that time and larger aircraft can now be accommodated.

A new passenger terminal was opened in 2006, offering eight departure gates and two arrival gates. The facility can now accommodate up to one million passengers every year and although there are no jet ways currently found in the airport, the passenger flow does not currently impose the need for jet ways. The new terminal structure features two newspaper stalls, a Costa Coffee outlet, CKB bank outlet and various rental car posts.

The building that previously served as the terminal building now houses the medical staff, lost and found center, airlines offices, school center, press conference hall and a VIP lounge. Completed renovated in 2009, this building is intended now for general aviation and VIP use. Although the airport itself is a public airport, it does share its main runway with the military airbase of Podgorica.

The airport is accessible by the Podgorica Bar Road which runs from the city straight to the airport. You can typically drive from the city’s center to the airport in less than fifteen minutes. The airport is also located just 40 km from Bar through the Sozina Tunnel. Public transportation is available through a number of amenities. Vektra Aviation, OKI Air and Di Air are all based at Podgorica Airport and Prince Aviation, Air Pink and Serbian VIP Airlines has flights in and out of the airport as well. Airport transport services are available to all destinations in and around the Podgorica area and other regions of Montenegro.

Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport is a publicly owned facility that provides various flights to and from the Tivat area. This international airport is located just 4km from the center of Tivat and just 12 miles northwest of Budva. The runway cuts off just less than 300 feet from the Bay of Kotor coastline. It offers daily flights to and from Belgrade as well as various other European destinations all through the year. It is used mainly for charter flights which are very popular among tourists during the summer months but also sees thousands of flights during the spring, fall and winter months to and from the area.

The infrastructure and airport equipment went through an upgrade recently and have been reconstructed to better meet the growing popularity of visitors to the Tivat region. With Porto Montenegro located in close proximity, Tivat Airport has become an even more popular landing area for those visiting Montenegro. There are 10 different airlines that operate out of Tivat Airport and Montenegro Airlines offers two flights each week from London-Gatwick Airport to Tivat. The airport has 48 flights that depart each week for short haul destinations and it offers nonstop flights to 9 different cities throughout Europe.

The airport offers flight services throughout the year from airports in Moscow and Belgrade as well as other European destinations. More than 80 percent of all air traffic however is during the summer months when charter and seasonal flights begin. The airport itself was built in 1971 and included an asphalt runway of 2,500 meters and room to park seven aircraft. The passenger terminal was completely renovated in 2006 to allow for more aircraft and the South Korean government made contributions in 2007 that allowed new equipment to be purchased including an updated flight information system. Old aircraft were replaced with newer models in 2008 and today, Tivat airport sees thousands of flight visitors throughout the year, many of whom are traveling to Montenegro to view various sites around the city.

Cattaro Tour offers an airport transfer service for those visiting Tivat and other areas of the region. Airport transport is available from Tivat Airport to any other destination in Montenegro. Visitors can be driven directly to their hotel or to the various attractions around the area. There are a number of hotels in the area as well as many restaurants, shops and other amenities situated very close in proximity to Tivat Airport.