Budva and Sveti Stefan Tour

sveti_stefanThere are many things to see on a tour of Budva and Sveti Stefan. From the beautiful architecture of the region to the wonderful restaurants, shops and nightlife amenities, our tour will take you on a breathtaking journey where you will see history unfold before your eyes. We offer tours that cover many of the most popular sights in the region.

On the three hour excursion to Sveti Stefan, we will take you over an older road which winds through the mountains and offers splendid panoramic view of Kotor Bay. Sveti Stefan is a Montenegrin resort that sits on an islet. This islet and some of the mainland were very popular tourist destinations for wealthy visitors from the 1960s to the 1980s. The hotel is a 5-star resort and the island is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. If you want to see where royalty spent their summers for centuries, Sveti Stefan is the place.

The main road then takes you to the beautiful Jaz Beach. This beach is located just a couple of miles west of Budva and consists of two different parts. The first part is 850 meters of shoreline and the second offers 450 meters of beach access. The second section of the beach is a pebble beach and has a campground set up right near the water. From here you will also see Milocer Queen Beach which is another popular attraction near Budva. We head on to Budva with a number of stops along the road so that you can view the beautiful landscapes and have time to take pictures if you wish.

After Sveti Stefan, we will head to Budva. Here you can shop if you wish or spend some time visiting the local restaurants or bars. The architecture in the city of Budva offers strong Venetian influence. There are three churches in the older section of the city, one of which dates back as far as the 7th century. You can also stop to view the Venetian Walls of Budva and take time to snap lots of pictures.

You will find many places to dine in Budva. Among the most commonly visited are pizzerias, bakeries that offer authentic Montenegrin foods, Chinese restaurants and of course many seafood establishments. Along the promenade in the city are many fast food restaurants along with pancake houses, ice cream shops and many other wonderful cuisine choices.

There are a number of bars in Budva as well. Take time to refresh yourself in one of the popular hangouts. Budva offers a very diverse nightlife scene and many pubs and bars are available throughout the city. You will also have time to do some shopping while in Budva. Visit the quaint old village shops for authentic mementos of your tour or just sit back and relax for a while if you wish.

Our tour of Budva and Sveti Stefan will give you many opportunities to see amazing architecture and view this historic region in all its cultural glory. Whether you want to snap photographs of the old structures, spend some time on the beach or simply enjoy the resort where royalty stayed centuries ago, we are sure that your tour will be everything that you dreamed and all for just 70e.

Budva and Sveti Stefan Chauffeur Driven Tour


Duration: 3 Hours
Pickup: Kotor
Price per car: 100E
Persons: 4 Maximum

Areas of Interest:

  • Jaz beach
  • Milocer Queen Beach
  • Budva
  • Sveti Stefan

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